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Our Goals

Krimson PAC

Create a well-defined brand identity and strategy to establish the Krimson PAC as a change agent championing policies that promote equitable outcomes for our communities.

Enhance the levels of federal, state and local governing bodies with increased diversity from a variety of social, economic, educational and ethnic backgrounds.

Align with candidates possessing a shared set of beliefs, values, goals and strategies that expand economic growth and development in the underserved communities seeking their representation.

Support candidates via direct contributions to campaigns, contributions to campaign committees, other PACs and/or independent expenditure work.

Maintain excellence with institutional sustainability, operational effectiveness and integrity by utilizing best-inclass methodologies.


Martin Raxton

Martin Raxton

Gregory Blue

Gregory Blue

Jeff Bell | KPAC Chief Administrative Officer

Jeff Bell


To drive change and measurable public policy outcomes through giving and economic empowerment.

To financially support every viable political candidate aligned with our strategic progressive platform for improving underserved communities utilizing diverse representation.

Krimson PAC is committed to actively participating in non-partisan social activity to improve the standing of our communities and build political capital.

The formation of Krimson PAC will enable and empower the identification of individuals willing to serve in the political process while improving opportunities for obtaining financial support for campaign planning.

Krimson PAC will continue to develop strategies that increase the financial viability and maintain integrity in operations that will indirectly elevate the brand and value of the organization.

1. Candidates we endorse have been vetted based upon the Krimson PAC’s selection guidelines.

2. Krimson PAC provides our followers with a list of issues and races we recommend supporting.

3. Candidates are provided access to training on how to campaign and expand their respective support bases.

Krimson PAC


Martin Raxton
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