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Joshua Hay

Joshua Hay
Co-Founder and CEO
Indelible Management Solutions

Joshua T. Hay, Sr. is a co-founder of Indelible Management Solutions, Inc., a minority owned and operated professional services firm that has grown from the two co-founders to more than 250 full-time employees and more than $70 million in sales revenue in just its fourth fiscal year of operations. As a co-founder, Mr. Hay also has had the privileged opportunity to shape the culture of the Indelible organization. To carry out his vision of maintaining high morale amongst a primarily remote workforce, Mr. Hay organized the Culture Action Team that is charged with keeping a pulse of the firm’s culture and promoting high morale through organized team building activities.

Mr. Hay also serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Indelible. As CEO, Mr. Hay oversees all aspects of the organization’s strategy and operations, including client delivery organizations as well as back-office corporate functions. Since assuming the role as CEO on the firm’s three-year anniversary in 2021, Mr. Hay has continued to effectively manage the growth of the organization by balancing an aggressive go-to-market strategy with the greatest standards for operational excellence.

Prior to assuming the CEO role, Mr. Hay served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Indelible. In his role as COO, Mr. Hay leveraged past educational and professional experiences to form the foundation of growth for Indelible, a core system of internal controls. As a graduate of Florida A&M’s School of Business and Industry’s undergraduate accounting program and the University of North Florida’s MBA program, Mr. Hay’s educational background led him to become a certified professional accountant as well as a certified internal auditor. As an internal audit practitioner within the financial services industry, both professional certifications contributed to a high-performing career that included various roles in internal audit and a quality assurance role within enterprise risk management. Mr. Hay credits much of his success in the roles he has occupied at Indelible to his educational and professional experiences.

Outside of Indelible, Mr. Hay enjoys spending quality time in sunny South Florida with his wife and their children. He is also an active member of the Miami Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

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