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The Krimson PAC Attends Sanford Bishop Fundraiser

KPAC attends Sanford Bishop fundraiser

An interview with KPAC President and CEO, Martin Raxton

Interviewed by Ashley “Aesthetics” Dorelus
@aestheticsconash | [email protected]

“Chief Financial Officer Gregory Blue and I recently attended a fundraising event in Columbus, Georgia. It was a tremendous opportunity to meet and network with some of our congressional leaders who have been elevated or will hopefully be elevated to higher posts as a result of the 2024 election cycle. I’m speaking of none other than House Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, and Congressman Sanford Bishop from the great states of New York and Georgia, respectively.

This event provided an opportunity to meet and engage with a very diverse audience that I hadn’t encountered before in the Columbus market. There were representatives from various corporations, both local and based in the private sector, and some on the federal and state levels in Georgia and Alabama.

We were excited to hear from Leader Jeffries and Congressman Bishop and to really show support for their platforms, financially and by our presence, especially with the re-election campaign of Sanford Bishop that’s currently underway.

Anytime we have the opportunity to be in the same space as renowned leaders like Rep. Jeffries and Congressman Bishop, as well as other elected officials at the state level, and Attorneys General from surrounding municipalities, there’s a lot of energy, and it’s so invigorating. I draw a lot of enthusiasm from it because serving our communities is what our public servants have been elected to do. It gives me great pride and pleasure to be able to positively and financially impact those who are at the forefront on municipal, state, and federal levels.

In addition to making clear our support for the their campaigns, we intend to invite Leader Jeffries to participate in upcoming events in Washington D.C. and across the country during the 2024 election cycle, reinforcing the outreach and impact of KPAC’s efforts to a wider circle.

One significant event is Fraternity Day on the Hill, planned for March in Washington, D.C. This event is an opportunity for the Divine Five Fraternities to come together to discuss policies and issues that are important to the campaign and to them. It would be an excellent opportunity for them to meet, see him, and hear directly from him about the initiatives that are vital to our communities.

Another key event is with the Congressional Black Caucus in September, where we are planning a robust discussion led by leaders of the Divine Nine fraternities and sororities, affinity PACs, and C4 social welfare organizations to talk about public policy issues and initiatives that impact our communities. This will allow us to address the 2024 election cycle and explain why it’s so important for our communities to support African American-led political action councils. We aim to stress the importance of not only showing up at the polls but also providing financial support, especially through these political action committees where funds can be raised and distributed among candidates who align with our core values and focus on our underserved communities. So we’re hoping to enlist his help and support during the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as fundraisers we’ll be conducting throughout the year.

His backing is important not only to the Krimson PAC but also to other PACs that uphold our core values and the needs of African American men and the communities we serve.”

Krimson PAC


Martin Raxton
[email protected]

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