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KPAC 101: So, What’s a PAC?

A few words from KPAC President and CEO, Martin Raxton

Martin Raxton at Tarenia Carthan Campaign Kick-off

Interviewed by Ashley “Aesthetics” Dorelus
@aestheticsconash | [email protected]

“A PAC, or Political Action Committee, is similar to a mutual fund in that it pools resources. We have more than 30 candidates that we have vetted, screened, and endorsed for the 2024 election cycle because they represent the principles we hold dear. Individuals and companies can financially support a PAC by donating, which allows us to distribute funds across various campaigns to candidates who are aligned with our core values. PACs can assist candidates at the local, state, and federal levels, providing donors with the opportunity to ensure that their resources are making an impact in races across the country.”

Krimson PAC


Martin Raxton
[email protected]

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