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Meet LaMark Stillings

Lamark Stillings | Krimson PAC Board

A Conversation with Our Newest Board Member

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest board member, Lamark Stilings. Here, we’ll delve into Lamark’s journey, motivations, and vision for the Krimson PAC (KPAC). Let’s go “behind the PAC” and get to know him better.

Q: What interested you in joining KPAC?

Lamark: “As a political science student at the University of South Florida and coming from a family deeply entwined with public service, I have a profound appreciation for public administration and increasing civic engagement. This is something I’m deeply interested in. I saw KPAC as a platform that supports candidates with broadly progressive values, and I thought this would be a great place for me.”

Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion

Q: You mentioned you come from South Florida, which is quite a melting pot. Do you think that KPAC should promote or advocate for diversity and inclusion?

Lamark: “Of course. With the number of Black candidates that we support and having a strong Black presence, I believe supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion is crucial to KPAC’s mission, especially in an area like South Florida, where there has been an ongoing assault on programs that prioritize DEI. KPAC needs to push for diversity if it wants to succeed; this is integral to KPAC’s mission.”

Engaging Gen Z in Politics

Q: Being a member of Gen Z, how would you encourage your fellow Gen Z’ers to get involved in political races or political education? How would you get them excited about this?

Lamark: “It’s 2024, and this is election season. I feel like it’s a pivotal time with increasing civic engagement across the nation. I believe it comes down to understanding that the political spirit doesn’t only exist at the federal level. You can disagree with our federal representatives and still make a meaningful difference at the local level. KPAC has done an excellent job in highlighting the importance of local politics and how much change you can make by participating at this level. I would tell my peers to look into their local officials, such as county commissioners and city council members, and understand the significant impact they can have.”

KPAC’s Role in Change

Q: What role do you believe KPAC should play in this game?

Lamark: “I personally think that KPAC should continue to primarily focus on local campaigns. The federal level can be very complex and often resistant to change. If we care about progressive change, we should support candidates at the local level. Every significant political movement in American history has started locally. The federal level is a reflection of our grassroots efforts, so I think KPAC should continue to focus on city council positions and state Senators; these will be key to changing the future.”

Black Men’s Mental Health Month

Q: It’s Black Men’s Mental Health Month. How do you navigate mental health challenges in the political arena, and what advice do you have for others?

Lamark: “With the increased awareness around mental health, it has become both easier and more challenging. I cope by reminding myself that my beliefs and optimism are products of those who came before me. There’s a community out there that shares my values. Connecting with like-minded people and working together helps me persevere. It’s not always about winning but about knowing that I did my part. Physical activity and journaling are also great ways to manage stress and anxiety.”

KPAC’s Youngest Board Member

Q: How does it feel to be the youngest board member?

Lamark: “Being the youngest board member brings a mix of pressure and freedom. I feel entrusted with a significant responsibility, and I want to produce meaningful changes for KPAC. I also encourage young people to take up positions like board memberships to gain political experience and make an impact.”

Q: Should young people take on positions like board members, or stick to grassroots organizing?

Lamark: “Grassroots organizing is incredibly important, and it’s the heart of local organizations. However, I encourage young people to also take up leadership roles to use their voices and gain political experience. The movement needs the energy and perspectives of the younger generation.”


We thank Lamark for sharing his insights and passion. His dedication to civic engagement, diversity, and mental health is inspiring. As we continue to push for progressive change, it’s clear that voices like Lamark’s are crucial in shaping the future of our communities. Thank you, Lamark Stilings, for your commitment and enthusiasm. Welcome aboard KPAC!

We encourage everyone to follow The Krimson PAC (KPAC) on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and X, and to get involved in local politics. It’s at the local level where real, transformative change begins. Whether through grassroots organizing or taking on leadership roles, your participation is vital.

Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes looks at KPAC. Together, we can build a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

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