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How to Plan Your Vote in 2024

A brief chat with KPAC President and CEO, Martin Raxton

Interviewed by Ashley “Aesthetics” Dorelus
@aestheticsconash | [email protected]

“I’d like to encourage everyone to take a few proactive steps:

First, with many municipalities experiencing changes in district maps, it’s crucial to verify your polling location and ensure you’re familiar with your current representatives and candidates in upcoming elections.

Second, deepen your understanding of policies that align with your core values. Recognize that political parties should not be reduced to single-issue perspectives and examine the candidates you support for their comprehensive policy positions.

Third, consider supporting candidates and political action committees that advocate for free elections, voter education, voter registration, and making voting accessible for all. Your financial contributions can be impactful.

If you’d like to learn more or support our initiative, please contact us at [email protected] or explore our website at By contributing to the Krimson PAC, you’ll be upholding the values pertinent to our community and the democratic process.

Krimson PAC


Martin Raxton
[email protected]

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