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A PSA from Our Spokeswoman Gail Bean

“If you want to support your community . . . your future . . . candidates who want to see you win, follow”

We are so proud to present this statement in support of the Krimson PAC made by our dear friend and national spokeswoman, the amazing and talented Gail Bean. Gail gets it – our work to support political candidates across the nation at the local, state and federal levels is key to achieving meaningful representation for underserved communities.

We currently have more than 30 outstanding candidates who we have vetted, screened and endorsed for the 2024 election cycle because they are aligned with the principles that define Krimson PAC’s core values. And we’re proud of our winning record with our endorsed candidates most recently elected.

More about Gail

Gail Bean is an American actor, writer and producer featured in the series Paradise Lost and the film Unexpected. You can also see her work in Insecure, Love in the Time of Corona, Atlanta, and Detroiters. She is best known for her portrayal of Wanda Bell on Snowfall (2018–2023). She is also a cast member on the second season of P-Valley.

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