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Aicha Davis Wins Texas House District 109!

Aicha Davis, TX House District 109

Congratulations to Aicha Davis on her election to represent Texas House District 109. And congratulations to the good people of her district with the foresight to pick a winner on the ballot.

A Dedication to Education

Originally from Decatur, Mississippi, Aicha gained an acute awareness of educational disparities from an early age, lighting a fire within her to become the catalyst for the change she wished to see. Education was the path forward. She earned a bachelor’s degree Biology and Chemistry, a master’s degree in Education Administration, and is working on a Ph.D in Education Policy and Administration.

Her drive led her to become an educator for several years, teaching sixth grade teacher in Louisiana, specializing in reading and sciences. She next taught high school advanced sciences and engineering, and coached the robotics team.

A State-wide role

In 2018 she was elected to the Texas State Board of Education on a platform of empowerment and educational equity, the result of extensive conversations with parents, students, teachers, and community leaders who shared their concerns and aspirations for Texas schools

She next put her sights on higher office, ready to take on pressing challenges for Texas including public school funding, economic growth, civil rights, and more with a track record that demonstrates her ability to represent effectively. And the rest is herstory!

Find out more about Aicha Davis here.

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